Denmark cuckold

This is for cuckold couples in Denmark (or related to Denmark) and people who fantasize about this. Here i will write a little about us. Hej danske hanraj'er og hotwives. Her vil jeg skrive lidt om vors forhold. Håber at høre fra jer med en kommentar eller mere.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Our first time. Den første gang. In english

Dear all.A long time fantasy of ours has come true...My wife is typical blonde scandinavian (Denmark) with long hair, tall sporty, b.cups for tits and blue eyes pretty face in her mid 30ies. She looks youngish compared to her age. She dressed with a skirt with no panites under to accomplish his wishes. She does that often to me anyway.We both fantasized over her having a very wellhung black man while i watch it. Guess it took nearly 3 years because we both needed to be ready for the realtime thing.We fantasized MANY times in bed over this. Promished each other it would be done some day.Then i started searching on the net for the real time this summer. WOW... a lot of fakers out there. Was hard to find a cute wellhung black man in denmark lol.But yes... we found him. And yes girls (and guys) the 10" are out there you just have to be VERY paitient when searching. Or did we find the only one. We are both extremely turned on by the size thing so we where very exiting up to the meering.We chatted all 3 on webcam first. Very funny and interesting. Then it came to phone talk. At last (after some months) it came to planning a real date.We where both exited, he had done it before. We had the feeling, WOW what are we going to do... We met him for dinner. He where nice and talking. VERY cute and goodlooking. We ended up at a hotel where we did some more talking. After a while we wanted to moove forward. He asked if she really didnt wear any panties. Well she just pulled up her skirt to proove she where naked and shaved under.He emmidade started to lick her for LONG. After that he started to take his clothe off.WOW!! there really WHERE 25cm (10"). And yes he is bigger soft than my hard 6". Even my wife agreed to that after. Well he fucked her more than i ever have done. She loved his cock and to see her fuck and suck it was WILD.I licked her after but i came on her butt with a huge load. He didnt not came inside her this night as she didnt want that and he where very respectfull.She wanted to kiss me after sucking him. Little strange at first but she kinda forced her tungue inside my mouth. I allso licked her after but her taste where not radical diffrent from normal.I fucked her too right after. There i could feel the diffrence. She could feel me and enjoyed my cock too. Especieally she enjoyed my desire to fuck her right after.guys.... one myth i need to kill is... when lady is stetched by a HUGE cock it WILL come back to normal.Well we have talked about it since saturday night. Right after we needed to head home to talk, cuddle and FUCK. Had to leave him alone there but we needed that as a cpl.We agreed we want to meet him again soon.But we have to plan it cause we have kids.Sorry for my english its not my native.She often teases me now that im her cuckold and she even told her closest gf what we did. BlushSo i hope the "report" is ok. Will write more in future if you all like.Regards Danishcplin denmark

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hej med jer

Her vil jeg skrive lidt om os. Vi started for at år siden hvor vi fik kontakt til en sort fyr. Vores fantasi gik ud på at hun skulle have sex med ham mens jeg så på. Jeg vil den næste tid beskrive hvad der skete.

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